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    Syracuse Blows Halftime Lead, Falls at Georgetown

    This team is terrible in the 2nd half
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    Terrence Samuel Leaving Staff

    I don't care if its year 1 or year 6 if the position your coaching makes zero improvements your Job should be on the line. I thought AQ would of made a jump but he did nothing this year...... I think Reno was helping out with the WR's, so that might be why he got fired. But the TE's were...
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    Terrence Samuel Leaving Staff

    I'm actually surprised he didn't get the boot instead of Vince or even Reno..... Reno was the primary recruiter for a few key guys..... Syracuse has not been able to develop any WR's out of HS since Dino has been here. Need to have a great coach at WR if there is any chance at getting back to...
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    Two More Enter Transfer Portal

    Not surprised about Benson. A little surprised about Cole, he was seeing the field. I see more coming, Dino is going to try and push out some dead weight to get some transfers in that can play right away. Looking up and down the roster there no depth at some positions. I’m worried about DL.
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    Five Takeaways: Pittsburgh 31 Syracuse 14

    Don’t agree at all. This program needs to have a head coach that recruits and coaches well, not to mention a HC that can win ACC games. If this AD is keeping Dino so he doesn’t lose Sean Tucker, then he should be fired. You think GRob put this program in a hole? Look around, there is nothing...
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    Syracuse Coaching Changes Thread (Updated 3:17 p.m.)

    This is a great change. NOT. Dino should be fired this tells us he’s not going to be fired. At this point, Wildhack should be fired.
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    Five Takeaways: Pittsburgh 31 Syracuse 14

    I really really really hope they don’t bring Dino back. Another year with him at the HC would set this program so far back, it will take even longer for the next HC to be successful here.
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    Five Takeaways: NC State 41 Syracuse 17

    Here’s my take away. Wildhack needs to start a head coaching search now!
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    Syracuse Blown Out at Louisville

    Cooley was terrible today. That play stands out and on the first big run play by the cards Black was clearly held and no call. The momentum was with the cards. I really think HCDB needs to go. He was brought in here because of his knowledge of a scheme, everyone thought that offensive scheme...
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    Syracuse Blown Out at Louisville

    Defense was terrible. The cards seemed to score on almost every possession. The offensive line played worse then they have all year. It was bad.
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    Bleav in Syracuse Episode 16: Boston College Preview

    ST’s ghosting us. Hasn’t been on in a while. 😂 On a serious note, love these mike. I got like 5 SU football podcasts I listen to and this one is my favorite.
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    Syracuse Visitor List vs Boston College

    Thanks Mike! I just got home and on Twitter. Then jumped on the boards and came to ‘football recruiting’ first. Then I saw you also posted it on the premium and posted there before reading the Jalen thread. My fault for not looking there first.
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    Syracuse Visitor List vs Boston College

    Mike, is Jalen Daniels visiting? I saw that tweet
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    Syracuse Visitor List vs Boston College

    Thanks for putting this together Mike!!!
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    Five Takeaways From Syracuse's Exhibition Win Over Pace

    Edwards was awesome in the middle, he needs to play 90% of the minutes in the middle. I agree with you about improved hands. Like I said, he will be the most improved player in the ACC. Swider is just so smooth. If he plays like that this year, he will be awesome.