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    Jimmy Boeheim Will Petition NCAA For 5th Year

    Look Jimmy's nice and all but this would be really bad for them moving forward. You need to focus on developing Benny and the incoming class. We need to get more athletic
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    Transfer Portal Tracker (Updated 01/13/22)

    Willie Tyler to Rutgers. Gross
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    Bball Recruiting / Team next year

    I didn't think Cole had eligibility left after this year. I would guess Buddy is back. Where else is he going? They really need to bring in athletes. Having 4 of the starting 5 be slow unathletic kids is really the undoing of this year. Jimmy put too much faith in the shooting aspect. No player...
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    Transfer Portal Tracker (Updated 01/13/22)

    Mike. This is going to be alot of bodies to replace between graduation, early entrants like Garrent and potentially Mikel, and getting destroyed by the portal with more to come. Where will these replacements come from? Are they going to go deeper in the recruits to lower ranked prospects? JUCO...
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    Five Takeaways: Syracuse 92 Arizona State 84

    Buddy and Joe never get their hands up on shooters. And if they are late to locate the shooter, they don’t even bother running bay him
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    Syracuse Bounces Back, Tops Arizona State

    If any team that we play doesn't pressure Girard every time he brings the ball up, that coach should be fired immediately. How do we not have one person that can dribble. Torrance better grow up quick. You can see why we didn't recruit the hometown kid first time around. I'll take any W I can...
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    Syracuse Drops Battle 4 Atlantis Opener vs VCU

    This is the most unathletic team is Syracuse history. This is absolutely pathetic. We have a starting lineup of 5 slow and weak unathletic kids who should be at the YMCA. Who in the starting lineup can dunk besides 6’11 Edwards. Girard has no business playing at this level. I truly don’t care...
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    Sean Tucker Expects to Return in 2022

    The way is statement was phrased makes me queasy. Bc of the buyout, I imagine Dino stays, so Tucker should. But he could try and go to a bigger stage.
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    Colgate Drops 100, Shocks Syracuse in the Dome

    Dear lord this was bad. This team lacks athleticism so badly. They can't press to get back in the game with slow bums out there
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    How to Watch Syracuse vs Pace

    Sidibe out a month. That didnt take long. He probably should retire
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    Babers Needs to Go

    Ha I say this every week. If he had any concept of simple math this team would be 6-1. The clock management decisions are truly unreal. It's worse than peewee level. He can't be a P5 head coach. Pretty obvious at this point
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    Maliq Brown (2022 PF)

    what you feeling for this one Mike?
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    Maliq Brown (2022 PF)

    Post Standard saying he's announcing Saturday. If you can land him and Bunch it will slightly soften the blow of today.
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    JJ Starling - Class of 2022 Guard

    This one could sting
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    Babers Needs to Go

    The clock management and decision making today was unacceptable. Truly some of the worst I've ever seen. He had one great season with Dungy but otherwise this has been bad. A change is needed to someone who actually knows what's going on.