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    2024 Spring Roster

    I thought that LB Fatim Diggs and QB Jakhari Williams were expected to enroll early, but aren't listed. Assuming they will arrive in the summer with the rest of the 2024 class.
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    2024 Spring Roster
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    Transfer OL Codie Hornsby Commits to Syracuse

    Size and experience, nice addition!
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    MBB: Syracuse Contacted to Potentially Participate in First Ever In-Season NIL Tournament

    Interesting collection of schools. Any idea if this would count toward the regular season record?
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    Q&A With Syracuse Assistant Ross Douglas

    Great stuff!
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    Khalil Ahmad Leaving Syracuse Football

    Quick turnaround.
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    Podcast: Fran's Presser, Was FSU Snubbed, Hoops Talk, Football Recruiting

    Great episode, Mike & Co.! It's crazy to see recruiting heat up so quickly! With the coaching changes, do current commits that have previously been hosted for OVs have an opportunity to take a second OV? Is that something the new staff is taking into consideration?
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    Five Takeaways From Fran Brown's Introductory Press Conference

    Finally got around to watching the press conference. It was refreshing to see his unscripted approach in addressing the media. Seems like he has a great sense of humor to balance his focus and intensity. Looking forward to the Fran Brown era!
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    Assistant Coach Candidates That Could Make Sense

    Consider me most excited about the potential S&C hire, this program needs it
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    Podcast: Breaking Down Fran Brown as Syracuse's New Head Coach

    Seems like Brown has the potential to install some great game plans in addition to being a high level recruiter. This could be exciting.
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    Five Takeaways: Syracuse 35 Wake Forest 31

    Alford was part of the 2020 recruiting class, so wouldn't he just have one year of eligibility remaining due to the COVID year?
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    Potential Bowl Options For Syracuse Football

    Let's see what that new look offense can do over the final two games of the season. It's crazy to see how this program gets impacted by injuries, seemingly year after year.
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    Podcast: Is Offensive Approach vs Pitt Sustainable?

    It should be interesting to see the gameplan over the final two weeks of the season. Perhaps we'll see the WRs utilized in sweeps/reverses? Maybe some special teams trickery?
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    How to Watch Syracuse vs Pittsburgh

    Chances they run both Shrader and CDRW? Something wild like CDRW as QB and Shrader in a Taysom Hill role?
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    Roster Moves: OL Out For Season, DB Changing Positions

    It feels silly for Babers to announce Kalan Ellis' injury status this late in the season. Why not just rip the bandaid off at the beginning of the season?
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    Podcast: Silver Linings & Final Record Predictions

    Great episode! I think they can finish 8-4, assuming the team comes out of the bye week strong.
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    Five Takeaways: FSU 41 Syracuse 3

    It's rough to see the team get embarrassed like they did over the past two weeks, but the remaining schedule presents an opportunity to finish the season strong. It would be great to see and 8-4/9-3 record along with a competitive bowl game. Let's see what they can do following a much needed...
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    Five Takeaways: Syracuse 35 Purdue 20

    That overturned fumble... oof.
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    David Wohlabaugh Out For Season

    Unfortunate news, fingers crossed for a complete recovery.