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    Cuse WBB recruiting

    Hey Mike I noticed on Angelica Velezs Instagram that she will be announcing soon, shes the #36 rated recruit and has only publicly visited Tenn and Cuse. I was wondering if you could hit up some WBB insiders and see if we have a real shot for Angelica. Thanks!
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    New Wbb Commit?

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    2023 cruits

    They had 3 guys drafted in the first and one in the second, I think that's a great choice for a unicorn like him.
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    2023 cruits

    Saw that yesterday when I was on 247... Stinks
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    247 Final 2022 Rankings

    Mintz will be PG1 JG3 SG1 Taylor SF1 Benny PF1 Jesse C1 Torrence might start to begin the year but he's honestly a good 6 man and his passing is a great boost off the bench. He plays kinda like how Rajon Rondo plays nowadays. I just think Mintz will be such a complement to Joe and he will set...
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    Akok Akok

    Do we reach out? Ive heard our coaches would only take another guy if he fell in our lap. Does Akok count as that type of player lol?
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    WBB: Syracuse Adds Two Buffalo Transfers, Including MAC Freshman of the Year

    Hey Mike I guess we had a couple of visitors this weekend. Do you know who they might be?
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    2023 cruits

    I know we were supposed to have Reid Ducharme on campus but then we had the covid pause. Since then though we haven't heard any names visiting... Is it because of the uncertianty with Coach B?
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    Buddy Boeheim Suspended 1 Game by ACC

    Now I just want Jim to throw a haymaker at Coach K when we are down 20 tomorrow. Lol go out with a bang!
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    Syracuse Crumbles in Final Minute in Loss to Miami

    South Shores HC. Kadarys former HC. I don't think we'll be getting any recruits from that area anytime soon.
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    Maliq Brown (2022 PF)

    He reminds me so much of Marek Dolezaj. Though Marek is more athletic.
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    Maliq Brown (2022 PF)

    Found the Hargrave Full game.
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    Quadir Copeland (2022 PG) - Committed

    IMGs senior night. Copeland is gonna drive Jim insane lol. His defense is Buddy level bad.
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    Maliq Brown (2022 PF)

    The competion reminds me of Class A in CNY. 3 or 4 teams might have a Low D1 player. The best teams might have 2-3 players that could go D1. And then the rest of the teams are rural 6'0 dudes who are just playing to play lol.
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    Elijah Hughes Has Been Traded

    Much better senerio for him. Jazz had to many players at his position. He did great in the limited time he got. Portland is rebuilding so hopefully he gets 20mpg or so!
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    Quadir Copeland (2022 PG) - Committed

    Fernandez early enrolled. So he's not on IMGs team anymore.
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    Maliq Brown (2022 PF)

    Full game
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    Maliq Brown (2022 PF)

    My nephews team scored 23. He had 12. And was injured from the 3rd quarter on lmao.
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    My problem is Dinos last year might be next year. So what OC would wanna come into that situation, same goes for a Recruiting Coordinator or ST coach.