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    2023 Defensive Line

    Yes he is a physical specimen, especially for a true freshman
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    JUCO RB Deston Hawkins Commits to Syracuse

    And that was on a horrible field at Yankee Stadium
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    Transfer DB Jalil Martin Commits to Syracuse

    Wow we are loading up on DBs, obviously there is some concern by the staff with three major losses there. Nice pickup
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    Transfer QB Braden Davis Commits

    Great pickup!
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    Syair Torrence Decommits

    When he set up that OV immediately after being offered by Michigan State I knew it was over. Frankly with every player being a free agent every year, I just don’t care about HS decommits at this point
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    Justin Lamson to Enter Transfer Portal

    Portal time, we need a 3rd guy. That kid from BC who is from Jersey just entered, we recruited him the first time around
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    Sean Tucker Goes Undrafted in 2023 NFL Draft

    Perfect place for him to sign, they have an incredibly weak running back room, he has a great chance of sticking with them
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    Sean Tucker to Hold Pro Day at Syracuse on April 24th

    Yeah and considering only 4 teams came to his Pro Day and two of those four(Jets and Giants) grabbed very good RBs today, it appears it’s Cardinals, Bills or UDFA. And neither team has a 7th round pick to gamble on with Sean, they both have multiple 6th round picks however
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    Jatius Geer Enters Portal

    Sounds like he is going to South Carolina
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    Jatius Geer Enters Portal

    College sports is a circus
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    Sean Tucker to Hold Pro Day at Syracuse on April 24th

    Awesome hopefully one of those teams grabs him in the 5th round or so
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    Sean Tucker to Hold Pro Day at Syracuse on April 24th

    I am so not a combine/workout guru. Are those good numbers?
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    Sean Tucker to Hold Pro Day at Syracuse on April 24th

    There are rumors out there that there was a heart condition detected by NFL doctors but I don’t know if that is legit
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    Spring Game Highlights & Recap

    Villari is injured, he was wearing a leg or knee brace. Dino expects him to be back for August practice
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    Spring Game Highlights & Recap

    Yeah there is a lot of angst about the OL and I absolutely would like us to bring in another guard and another tackle, but with Reed and Moeolo still to come and with Bleich hopefully available, that will help. This is a really solid football team in basically every other position group, so we...
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    How to Watch Syracuse Football's Spring Game

    thanks Mike, one minor correction, we went to back to back bowl games in 2012 and 2013. If you just wiped the three years of Shafer out of your memory, that's ok, I understand ;)
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    MBB: Jesse Edwards Will Not Return, Entering Transfer Portal

    We have to get a starting center from the portal. Have to.
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    MBB: Wake Forest Breaks Syracuse's Heart With Last Second Three

    Yep, I followed and rooted for them all season but after another horrible out of conference performance I buried this team, they have not been good all season as you said