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    Dave Bing to be Added to Ring of Honor

    Loved Dave Bing when I was a kid. Back then, I used to listen to all the Syracuse basketball games on the radio. Bing was smooth as butter and a great all-around basketball player.
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    Fran Brown Emerging as Top Candidate for Syracuse Football Head Coach

    We gotta hope Wildhack knows what he is doing. I’m going to keep an open mind and reserve judgement. I’d like to hear from former players he has coached and maybe other coaches he has worked with. Northeast ties and recruiting prowess seem to be there. We need to hear more about his coaching...
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    Lowery, Folk, Greenwood Enter Transfer Portal

    If they enter the portal now, can they still play in the bowl game? Or is that off the table? Or just unlikely? Hope we have enough guys left to field a team.
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    Villari Says 'Culture Things' and 'Discipline Things' Need to Change to Make Syracuse 10-Win Team

    Villari seems like a great leader. I could see him becoming a captain in the future.
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    Syracuse Blows Out Chaminade to Finish 1-2 at Maui Invitational

    Fun game to watch!! This is what Autry envisions with his offense, I’m sure. Terrific ball movement. Outrebounded them 55-30. 23 assists on 44 baskets. Now if we can play like this against tougher opponents. But great step in the right direction.
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    Five Takeaways: Georgia Tech 31 Syracuse 22

    Also wondered about one of the key points you made. Villari used to be a QB. Why can’t we allow him to make some throws downfield to open up the run game? Also, Davis is a scholarship QB transfer. If you have enough confidence in him to offer a scholarship, why can’t he be trusted to make some...
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    MBB: Syracuse Rallies From 24 Down to Top Colgate

    What a comeback!! Great game to watch. A lot of excitement in the Dome with the furious rally. Great to see!
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    Dan Villari Highlights vs Pittsburgh

    The more you think about it, the more you realize this was one heck of an outstanding performance by Villari. A QB converted to a TE and converted back to a QB in a time of need. We needed somebody to step up for the team and he did it. This game performance will be remembered in Syracuse...
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    How to Watch Syracuse vs Pittsburgh

    Great prediction, Mike!!
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    How to Watch Syracuse vs Pittsburgh

    I don’t know, but it’s working. Not much passing today. Three headed running game with Villari, Allen, and Shrader.
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    How to Watch Syracuse vs Pittsburgh

    CDRW not playing. Shrader is suited up. We’ll see.
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    How to Watch Syracuse vs Pittsburgh

    That would be awesome!!
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    How to Watch Syracuse vs Pittsburgh

    What’s your prediction, Mike? Who’s at QB and can we bounce back? What’s our offensive strategy going into this game? Hopefully, we can take some of those near picks on defense and convert some of them this game.
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    Syracuse Drops 5th Straight, Falls to Boston College

    That’s not a great testimonial for the other QBs. At least make it a competition. Should Villari get a shot? Mike mentioned that he wondered if CDRW had something bothering him physically on his throws. It was weird because some throws were funky and on others it seemed like his throws were...
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    Syracuse Drops 5th Straight, Falls to Boston College

    Very disappointing loss. Our pass offense was embarrassing and basically non-existent. Too many missed opportunities on defense. Who is next in line at QB? Is Davis ready to go? How has he looked in practice this year? Or would McPhail get the call?
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    Roster Moves: OL Out For Season, DB Changing Positions

    Strange one with Wilson. Seems like we are thin at corner now. Not sure what precipitated the move mid-season.
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    Five Takeaways: Virginia Tech 38 Syracuse 10

    Spot on, Mike. Some additional thoughts on the game: 1-The team and Dino didn’t seem to have any fire. Three penalties to start the game showed they weren’t ready to play. The game plan and play calling was weak. Insisting we could run the ball on them, even at halftime, when we couldn’t was...
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    Monroe Madness Report

    Enjoyed watching the team scrimmage in Rochester. Benny & Copeland wowed the crowd during the three point contest, which Benny finally won. Both sides pushed the ball during the scrimmage. Copeland does, in fact, look much improved. JJ looked really good and solid. Both can penetrate at will and...
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    Restoration of ‘Orange Standard’ Starts With Intense Practices

    With our depth and athleticism, I’d like to see us have a nice full court press as a weapon in our arsenal this year.
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    Judah Mintz Discusses Upcoming Season

    Sounds great! Should be an exciting team to watch this year!