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    BREAKING: Francois Nolton Has Committed to Syracuse

    Mike He has a great offer list. Any idea where he was a take this late in the cycle? May have been a take earlier for other schools but I’m interested to know who Monroe beat out in the last month or so. Also interested to know if Monroe had conversations about the coaching change in Florida...
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    Joey Spallina Inks NIL Deal With Gait Lacrosse

    I believe he’s involved in some capacity. But I’m not entirely sure. In the relaunch in 2020 it seemed like he was involved. I mean it is his twin brother that owns it. But from a company perspective this signing makes total sense to me. He’s the best recruit in the country. Gait is the...
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    Chris Bunch - 2022 Forward

    Pearl question for you. Since I don’t have the same basketball eye. Growing up we “always recruited to fit our zone”. We have gotten away from that to improve our offense. And you can see that on the court. We used to win games 52-45 now it’s easy to have both teams in the 80s for points...
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    Transfer Portal Tracker (Updated 01/13/22)

    I second this
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    Chris Bunch - 2022 Forward

    It was reported that Caleb Williams was offered $2 mill to play at Georgia. The next day he was in the portal. Quinn Ewers got $4 mill the day he committed to Texas. Without ever playing a snap. They aren’t even hiding the ball. Rutgers paid for a quarterback. They are doing nothing about...
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    Chris Bunch - 2022 Forward

    It is Illegal by NCAA rules. The problem is after the Supreme Court took the case on capping educational expenses for college athletes they likened the NCAA to a business and held them to business laws in the United States. Every court room in the country now is gonna go off of the Supreme...
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    Chris Bunch - 2022 Forward

    I don’t believe we will land our big targets when everyone else’s participates openly in NIL recruiting and we do not. You’re not gonna go to Cuse for nothing when 3 schools are offering you $100k. NIL is not about how much you are worth in college. That may have been the intent but it’s not...
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    Chris Bunch - 2022 Forward

    I actually think that Buddy will have a long professional career. Just not in the NBA. The rules are different in Europe and they take away some thing players that are more athletically gifted can do. It kinda levels the playing field. Not really a knock on him imo. European money is solid...
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    Chris Bunch - 2022 Forward

    We need guys ready now the way this team looks. Can’t be confident in landing those huge prospects like Lands when so many of the top end guys base their decision on how much money they will make. Syracuse has shown they are unwilling to play the game. We get JJ and Lands we would be talking...
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    MBB: How to Watch Syracuse at Miami
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    MBB: How to Watch Syracuse at Miami

    Mike prediction?
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    Bleav in Syracuse Episode 26: Breaking Down Loss to Virginia

    “Every time Kyle Guy would shoot, I would call him man bun.” Mike McAlister 🤣
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    Maliq Brown (2022 PF)

    Good stuff
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    Terrence Samuel Leaving Staff

    Yeah but he was in year one
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    Terrence Samuel Leaving Staff

    Had high hopes for him but doesn’t feel like a huge blow.
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    Transfer Portal Tracker (Updated 01/13/22)

    Mike which holes are you expecting to be filled in the portal? What positions will we target and how many? Besides the kids you can’t afford to not take reguardless of position
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    Facility upgrades

    Mike can you get a little more information on what we are looking at here and what the new building may look like? We know they are breaking ground in the spring and according to the interview you did expected to complete 2024. What are some of the highlights of the new facilities? What...
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    Five Takeaways: Syracuse 92 Arizona State 84

    The top of the zone looks very lazy to me. Need to get out on shooters