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  1. oldpinepoint

    Buddy Boeheim Suspended 1 Game by ACC

    JB with the spin, what a dumpster fire of a season
  2. oldpinepoint

    Jimmy Boeheim Will Petition NCAA For 5th Year

    Nope not interested, I’m ready for something fresh here
  3. oldpinepoint

    44 Watch: Sean Tucker Wants to Create Own Legacy

    Honestly doesn’t anyone care about 44 anymore?
  4. oldpinepoint

    Clemson Tops Syracuse in Carrier Dome Slug Fest

    Really disappointing loss, we could have had the chance to win it, but we froze
  5. oldpinepoint

    Babers Needs to Go

    I do, his decision to punt on 4th and 2 was baffling, his in game clock management is terrible.
  6. oldpinepoint

    Live Game Thread: Syracuse vs Rutgers

    Woof ugly
  7. oldpinepoint

    Live Game Thread: Syracuse vs Rutgers

    They should have been working on this all week
  8. oldpinepoint

    How to Watch Syracuse vs Rutgers

    I think 25k