247 Final 2022 Rankings


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Agree. Rebounding is my biggest concern with this team. Like Benny for much of last season, Bunch shows no inclination to rebound. When a shot goes up they both usually watch other guys go get the ball. Hopefully that’s changed with Benny, it began to late last season. Taylor is a more willing rebounder than Bunch and he isn’t afraid of some contact, but he is still undersized and will probably be overmatched under the boards going against college forwards. Rebounding might be the biggest reason why we need to play some man this coming season.

I’m less concerned with their defense. Despite Bunch’s often lackadaisical defensive effort in high school, he has the length and athleticism to be a plus defender in the back of the zone. Obviously the effort and focus every posession need to greatly improve but that’s a relatively easy fix. I did see him occasionally lock in on defense and move his feet. And he likes to be a weakside shot blocker that has been a hallmark of our zone when it’s good. Benny and Bunch are capable of being prototypical forwards in the Syracuse zone.

I think Taylor can be a good defender in man and also in the zone, but to me he seems best suited for guard in our zone. I think our guards have to cover less ground than the forwards do (it seemed to be even more pronounced the last few years with Buddy and Joe). Taylor doesn’t have the length or quickness to be out contesting a three point shot and still get back and defend the rim like we want from our forwards, and he’s not a shot blocker. But with his size at guard and overall athleticism he can be a good defender out front in the zone.
It’s not inclination…or even what people perceive for effort. It’s hard. You have to cover a lot of ground to perhaps get a body on a very large, athletic, moving body…who is crashing down on you. That’s not so easy at this level. There’s just a knack if you’re not a special type of athlete. It’s just hard. I think Taylor can cover enough ground. I’m not sure he will be ready to rebound well out of that spot (but he might be the most ready to try).
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