Babers Needs to Go

I don’t disagree with your reasoning. I do disagree on firing. I’m of the opinion that Syracuse is financially not in a good position to move on. Between attendance being down, increased spending because of the pandemic, new dome renovations, the lost attendance year, And the current rate of inflation, it’s not a great mix. You have to buy him out. You have to buyout them staff you don’t retain that are contracted that way. You have to buy out his replacement. Let us not forget that Dinos contract is the most expensive ever here for a head coach. The coordinators are the most expensive we have ever had as well. Assuming we get a hot coach we would have to pay him more than we are paying Dino because coaching salaries will rise with inflation. Whomever we hire we would be married to. Because we couldn’t ever move on from that contract. What if the new hire was another Greg Robinson and we couldn’t get rid of him. No different than the Florida State situation after Taggart. Unless we promote White which to me is the most likely scenario financially speaking and changes the whole conversation. Yes the 10 win season feels like forever ago. I give him a pass for last year too. But let’s see how we do going forward. I’m not on the fire Dino train. But I realize it’s gaining steam and passengers. And I agree with most of the reasoning there.


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The clock management and decision making today was unacceptable. Truly some of the worst I've ever seen. He had one great season with Dungy but otherwise this has been bad. A change is needed to someone who actually knows what's going on.


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Recruiting is at the bottom of the ACC yet again. They could well be 5-1 except for game decisions. Is there someone out there capable of better in-game decisions and recruiting? More than likely.


this is becoming a weekly event, Dino Babers is the worst in game coach I have ever see . If you can see your qb can't throw change Qbs. Dino is embarrassing everyone


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Ha I say this every week. If he had any concept of simple math this team would be 6-1. The clock management decisions are truly unreal. It's worse than peewee level. He can't be a P5 head coach. Pretty obvious at this point
Just terrible, how you would ever feel comfortable kicking a 48 yarder this year when your kicker is 1-4 past 40 this year is beyond me. Your offense is built to run the ball. Then the TO, so even if you make it you give them 30+ seconds to get in FG range. Mind boggling.
The play calling leaved little to be desired. They totally went away from rolling GS out and letting him make plays. He mostly sat in the pocket, and surprise surprise he wasn’t good there. I just thought the coaching was down right bad and for the 2nd week in a row, we saw Dino get out coached by a superior coach who made half time adjustments, where Dino makes none…
I feel like the team is actually playing well. We lost some games where we were the better team. Yes there are coaching mistakes. Yes there are bad decisions. Yes players need more discipline to not hold and line up correctly. But the overall improvement is there. I don’t want to be married to the next coach similar to what Florida State currently is because they moved on without being able to swing it financially. The search would be limited because of the money that would have to be involved I feel like. So what do we take another coach from bowling green and get someone without a lot of experience? Do we promote white? Or do we wait until financially, we can open the door to more options. I think we keep Dino. The team is clearly better than last season and I’m not being married to another bowling green coach. Have to bring him back and hope he rights the ship. We are Syracuse. We don’t have oil money backing us. We can’t buy out everyone. There’s a huge financial impact that has to be taken into consideration here.
For instance, if we decide who we want is say Jeff Lebby the Ole Miss offensive coordinator. He was the coordinator under Art Briles at Baylor. He makes more than most G5 head coaches as a coordinator. I don’t know where our financial line is to afford a guy like that.
All I’m saying is if we move on I want a clean slate and a full canidate list. With a situation where we can take the guy we want not settle. And I feel like firing Dino now we would settle


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All I’m saying is if we move on I want a clean slate and a full canidate list. With a situation where we can take the guy we want not settle. And I feel like firing Dino now we would settle
I think if Syracuse remains competitive the rest of the season, giving him another year where you have a full offseason of Shrader development along with Tucker for another year is fair. The other thing to consider is if you fire Babers, how much of a risk is it that Tucker bolts for the portal? You definitely do not want that to happen.