Duquesne Transfer Mounir Hima Commits to Syracuse


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Well, looks like we got our back-up Center. He is an athletic kid who recently started learning the game. I guess JB thinks he can give us some decent minutes, especially on defense and rebounding, and he must be confident that they can develop him over the next three years once he is in the Syracuse program.


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Good interview Mike. Surprised to hear Taylor say Hima can be a pro, we’ll have to see about that. But he’s no worse than “a body” we at least wanted to get. He’s got the perfect body for the middle of the Syracuse zone, much more so than Frank, who was a little undersized and maybe better suited for man. We’re a really good fit for Hima. I’m even more glad we got him now after reading Taylor’s comments.

In one clip we can see Hima run the floor like a gazelle, as the coach described. Carey can really run too. Could be interesting watching those two develop together the next few years. I doubt either ever plays 30+ minutes in a season because of foul trouble. In his last Duquesne game, Hima started and played seven minutes with four fouls. We’ve used dual centers sharing the position before and it’s worked out well. And it shouldn’t keep away Estrella, who seems like a four to me, probably a stretch four who can shoot threes, handle, and post up.
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