Judah Mintz


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Judah played in a popular DC summer league called Kenner League this past weekend. It's a mix of DC area college players and former college players playing pro somewhere now. It plays only on weekends and they sometimes have guest players. The info is sparse. Benny played a couple weeks ago, I think only one game because he's in Syracuse most of the time. Judah played this past weekend, either one or two games. As we can see, he has a different hairstyle right now. And we can also see some of his passing ability. I don't think some people are appreciating how much having a dynamic lead guard for the first time in awhile will change the team for the better. Count me as excited.

Neil Adler

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I don't think this piece was behind a paywall. Jamie tagged us in it on Twitter, and I was able to read it. Good ranking for Judah. But Jamie, who I really like, wrote this, "Syracuse is the only school in the ACC that did not sign at least one transfer." Whoops.