MBB: Syracuse Dominated by Colgate For Second Year in a Row


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They aren’t going to fire JB. He’s not just a basketball coach to Syracuse. Remember when the university announced him and Julie were covering the tuition for the mens and womens lacrosse teams after 2020 so the seniors could return? It’s a lot more than a basketball coach relationship with the university. And that’s before being the winningest active coach in basketball.

I’m as frustrated as anyone with the state of the program. We are not even approaching the standard of Syracuse basketball I grew up with. My standard for Syracuse basketball is to always be ranked in the top 25. That’s what I grew up with. That’s what I expect. A down year we would be hovering around 20-25. But normally in or around the top 10. JB talks about taking an unranked team limping into the tournament, barely making it in and winning tournament games and calling it a good year. I understand where he’s coming from, but that’s not me. I don’t go to tournament games. I go to the dome. I buy regular season tickets. I want to be on a 10 game win streak and ranked with Duke of North Carolina coming so I can buy tickets. It’s frustrating to get beat by nobody’s.
Regardless of what he’s done, there’s too much at stake to let him hold the program hostage. You obviously don’t publicly fire him…but you can’t just let him destroy it.