Syracuse Football Spring Game Recap


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Really enjoyed watching the spring game. Our depth looks much better this year. I hope we give some of these young guys a chance to play. Nice to see Hatcher and Alford make big plays at WR. Price & Allen both looked good at RB in addition to Lamson at QB. Defense looks solid. Mekhi Mason impressed as one of the newbies, in addition to Nolton.


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Mike great recap! I really hope we can build on this. But to get back to Lamson. Those balls to Alford were in stride, accurate, and with touch. Very catchable balls. We used to get that from Eric Dungey in the intermediate game. Something we haven’t had in a while. Everyone has been fast balls. Not a lot of touch. It was that way with TD and Shrader. I know he wasn’t facing all the starters, but what I’m looking for is there. Touch, accuracy, mobility. If he can have the decision making down, I don’t think this is a 2 horse race for QB1. Lamson has to be in the conversation.