Cole Swider NBA Summer League Thread


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Boy, the staff can really point to Cole as someone who developed and thrived at Syracuse when he was struggling elsewhere. It has to be an appealing recruiting pitch to some guys out there who are looking to find their way on the court.


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Cole's confidence seems to be through the roof. Even talks comfortably about how he can space the court for Lebron, AD and Westbrook. I knew he was much better the second half of last season but didn't realize the stat in Mike's article, 40-77 from three the last thirteen games. Wow. And a lot of them were big games.


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From a coach/NBA consultant/Lakers podcaster, according to his twitter bio.
This is spot on, and part of why he fit/thrived at SU and was just ok (although a valuable rotational guy) at Nova. He’s doing a great job of making the decision hard, and sometimes that’s all you can do. I wager he “max’s” the two-way this year, and after a year of developing against pros (or maybe 2) with a pro system, that if he works he will be a roster guy. I hope it’s faster but maxing out a two way is a good living.