Five Takeaways: Wake Forest 45 Syracuse 35


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The BC game is important, very important. Big difference between 6-6 and 7-5 from a perception standpoint. It also might get us away from the Fenway Bowl, which is played so early, 12-17. We want a better bowl of course but we also want a later bowl to heal up our very banged up team. Also, a win puts us at 4-4 in the conference with a chance to finish 3rd in the Atlantic. Wake and NC State both have tough road games and we would have the tiebreaker over Louisville if it’s a two way tie at 4-4(not sure about a 3 or 4 way tie at 4-4!)


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I thought the WRs played better in this game, too. Gadsden was back to himself, Alford made some good catches, Pena made some good plays, Cooper made a nice catch, and D’Marcus Adams seems to have a knack for getting behind the defense. He was wide open for a potential TD on another play, but Shrader missed him.

I do like the series when we have both Tucker & Allen out there. Allen gives us another offensive threat.

Agree that the OL played pretty well with the new guys out there. Good experience for several of them that should help us next year. I’d like to see how they each graded out. Any idea what’s wrong with Bergeron and if he is expected back for BC?