Maliq Brown (2022 PF)


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Blue Ridge is playing in a tournament in South Carolina, they've won their first two games and will play the championship tomorrow after beating an 11-0 team today. Maliq had another strong game that I watched most of. All of his shots were around the basket.

On the offensive end, Maliq spends most of the offensive time on the perimeter or high post. They have another good big guy who's being recruited by Wake Forest who plays down low. Blue Ridge is a well coached team with some good three point shooters--the best of them is the son of VCU's head coach--and they run a lot of motion and cuts, with Maliq often the hub. I don't think I've ever seen a big guy on the perimeter who directs traffic like Maliq does. He's often signaling teammates on where they should cut to even though he doesn't have the ball. He was only credited with two assists today but it should've been a few more if not for missed layups. He is an excellent passer. Even the announcer seeing him for the first time commented on how strong his hands were. And Maliq's court awareness is exceptional. He seems to know where everybody is and rarely has to hold the ball and look for somebody.

The box score has him with two blocks. Pretty sure I saw four. He's really good at blocking guys from behind or from the weak side with very good anticipation and timing.



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Photos of Maliq from last night.


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