Syracuse Closes Exhibition Play With Victory


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You’re missing the point entirely. You’re running an offense to get good shots. If he’s afraid of shooting good shots, the downstream effect is that the defense clogs everything up. They’re not running something to get him shots; they simply need him to be a threat so that when he gets the ball, guys will come out on him, giving him the ability to penetrate, have lanes for other guys, can get the ball to Edwards, etc. Those were good shots, and he made a good percentage of them. This one is really pretty cut and dry.
No I'm not missing the point. You think Symir should take every open three he gets and are ok with him taking 5 threes in 16 minutes. I disagree. I'm not saying he shouldn't ever take threes, I'm saying he took too many. If 72% of his shots this season are threes, taking 12 per 40 minutes, while he doesn't go to the basket even against a little D2 team, that's not optimum. It's not a big deal, he's the least of the problems and I barely mentioned it. It didn't stand out to me during the game but it did in the box score afterwards. It might be a one game aberration because it's not what he did in the first game.


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Disagree. Symir's a point guard, it's the only position he's cut out for. Copeland's played point guard his entire life, even if his style isn't always appealing and we'll have to see if it's right for college. I wouldn't want him at the point this season but maybe in the future. He passes much better than Burgan did and better than some of our past point guards. To me, Copeland doesn't have the shot to play the wing right now. He can be good there in stretches but it would be learning an entirely new position with different responsibilities than he's ever done. We're so lacking in shooters it's hard to put two forwards on the floor who the opponent will gladly watch shoot threes. And Quadir likely won't rebound and won't be a shot blocker. That's why I've always liked Taylor there. He doesn't have the weaknesses of Bell or Copeland. He has a good feel for the game without any big weaknesses, and he's capable of being a good wing shooter alongside Joe this season. Bell is capable of being a shooter too but so far he's not doing it and he has other weaknesses that overshadow his shooting even when it's good.
You're right, I forgot about Symir. He's absolutely a point guard. But Joe, Judah, and Quadir are not.